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Let's learn Portuguese!!!

My teaching method is based on understanding the needs of each student to teach
classes in a simple and efficient way, but at the same time interesting and personalized!

The first class is designed to understand the student's difficulties and thus set up a study
schedule. In addition, the amount of homework and the goals to be achieved from the studies will be stipulated.

The idea is for the student to learn to speak by listening to the language. As the student develops this practice of
listening and playing, grammar is applied almost imperceptibly. This makes learning simpler and more interesting.

I am an English teacher and I can help foreign students to learn Portuguese by studying grammar and practicing

My classes are prepared according to the pace of each student. Fully personalized, respecting the students'
natural progress.

Classes focused mainly on solving exercises, extracting the main doubts and difficulties of the student.

Do you want to learn Portuguese?

I'm waiting for your contact.

Marta Hasse

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